July 13, 2012

Planking, Braces, and an Extraordinary Waffle.

Meredith and I drove to Georgia this past Tuesday...an 8.5 hour trip. The 8.5 hours were worth it, because now the braces that were stuck to my teeth for 2.5 years are officially off and I can smile happily and not worry about those UGLY metal bars overpowering my face. Woot Woot!
My new smile!!

Now it's just time for a haircut. I have this plan of cutting my hair...for my husband. Andrew HATES long hair. Absolutely despises long hair. And I had my hair cut short for about 7 years because it makes my husband smile, but I finally grew tired of it and decided I wanted long locks. Well...I have long hair now, which desperately needs a trim, but I feel as if this would be a gift to him. I will go back to Virginia with a new smile and a new cut...and I will feel great about it. I can't wait!

On the other hand, I taught Meredith, Andrew's mom, and my sister-in-law what planking is. You know planking, right? You could google it but I'll go ahead and show you (I'm giggling right now).

It's the DUMBEST thing in the world, but it's so funny to see somebody lay face flat across random objects, straight as a board. There's just something about it that makes my heart giggle. Mer really took off with the idea and I bet I could get more shots of her doing it (God help my child when she grows up to see all this documentation about her awesomeness in childhood)...hehehe. Even my mother-in-law did it. She was awesome! Is your mom-in-law this cool??

Did I mention Waffle House?? There are not many Waffle Houses in VA and I sometimes get super upset about it because Waffle House has such yummy waffles and it's super laid back and affordable. I know I've hit Georgia when I begin seeing Waffle Houses on every corner. So in tribute to being back near a Waffle House...

And I have also been able to spend time with my 10 month old nephew, Brady. He so stinkin cute, I just wanna eat him up. He has four teeth, two on top and two on bottom and his smile is so big that I melt when he looks at me with the big grin. Adoromous! (I sure do make up my own words).

Tomorrow we leave for St. George Island with the family. I've very excited to be there, although I hear it's gonna rain (Darn you, rain!) almost every day. Oh, well. I'll post more when I can. There might not be a computer down there...so I'll do my best.
Have a beautiful day, lovelies!

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