July 20, 2012

So...It's Been A Week.

Oh, 'tis a sweet week that's past since my last post...the post that described me and mine merrily on our way to the beach, Saint George Island to be exact. The drive consisted of girly laughter, man-like flatulence burping, "Stop somewhere, I'm HUNGRY!", and loads of detour signs and slow drivers. Not to mention, my coughing and lack of singing voice because of not-so-fun sickness was upsetting. Mer did really great on the ride though. She is always so great on road trips...I never fear. Even today on the way back she didn't need to stop once to use the restroom. Awesome daughter!!
The moment we drove onto the island (if you're wondering "Where that place be!?" see map below)

my phone produced a NO SIGNAL sign in the top right hand corner and that's the way it stayed for the next week. WHAT THE!!?? RIGHT?? To my surprise, it was really nice not having access to all things media. When I got sad and missed my hard working hubby back in VA, I resorted to using family's phones. It was beautiful.
Anyway, we stayed on "The Plantation", which is the really nice gated resort area at the end of the island (thank you, Sam and Annette). The place was three floors with four bedrooms and 4.5 baths and balconies on all floors with a pool and within short distance to the white sandy beach. I cannot forget to mention the amazing community pool/workout room and the bike trail that spanned the distance of the entire subdivision. We biked everyday, played tennis, went to the beach/pool, and bathed in the sun.
OK, OK! I'll show you pictures already!

Sweet Mer finding mussels
Playing in the sand.

Ray Ray (sis-in-law)  with funny face in pool

Baby Brady, nephew. SOO yummy.

Lazy legs...that's me.

Sis-in-law/Mom-in-law...Big guns!

Silly tennis moves. Love them.

Ray Ray really wants to play tennis. Waiting...patiently.

Ray Ray makes a splash in the pool. Great pool house, right!

Beautiful sunset after a very rainy day.

Beach right behind that house.

HUUUUGE Pool house/pool.

Ray Ray so sweet.

Mer Mer, Mermaid in Training.

Mer and me, last day of vacay.

More to come tomorrow. Soooo glad to be back writing to you lovelies. Now it's time to tucker out from the long drive.
Tomorrow my hair gets chopped. Can't wait!

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