August 31, 2012

A Letter From the Future.

Dear Kristin,
You didn't think you'd get there. You didn't think you could do it. But you totally did and you rocked it, girl! Remember that time of your life when you were so unsure of everything? You weren't sure of your capabilities as a beginning teacher or a dreamy eyed photographer or web designer. I remember. You were so unsure. It makes me shake my head even now to know at one point everything was up in the air. Nothing had yet been set in stone, the path still unlaid. Let me tell you...I'm so glad you listened to God's will for your life. The harvest is large now. His plan is always big, even if it's small. Every step taken is a step for Him. A smile comes across my face as I think of how you finally realized that your talents are to glorify Him. Those "hobbies" on your heart ten years ago have come to serve a greater purpose. Your talents are many, my love. They are beautiful and God given.
Do you remember all the times your mother said, "Honey, you should be a photographer," as she slowly skimmed through your photographs of the day? Do you remember how you longed and wished to focus that lens in every crevice of this earth? Like a toddler exploring her world for the first time, your camera lay cradled between eager fingertips daily, hoping to capture all things magnificent. Life to you was magnificent and that still hasn't changed. If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that you take life slowly. You soak it all up, take it all in, drinking in the moments of life, never too sure of your next step before you realize it already happened. Your feet lead you to curiosities in life you see. You wish to only see and preserve an image, an emotion, or a history: aging wrinkles encompassing youthful eyes, fingers nervously intertwined, dilapidated homes that once shown brilliance, and the thickness of the threads of nature. How thick are the threads of nature?
The threads are so thick in your life. God has woven them. He has set them into play. You need only to listen, my dear. Listen to your God, who leads your heart either one way or the next. Maybe this is why so many times before you have never been one to fear, for you know your path has been set before you and all you have to do is stand with eyes and ears wide open. Say yes.
As I say these things, I know this part of your life has many uncertainties. You must find a career. This is one part of growing. But remember, you need not to fear what's to come, for He prepares you. Move with confidence in the working plan of God in your life. Do not doubt it. Not for one moment.
Move forward, love. Do not turn back. You have so much more to offer. More than you can even know yet. As you wish to preserve moments now with your camera, don't forget to make your mark as well. You will make your mark.
Your Future Self.

Meredith raking leaves two years ago.

Sister-in-law's mom's wedding. One of the most beautiful weddings I've been to. The sunlight was just right.

Ahhh, there you are. In the woods.

After the rain.

Not a reptile. Leaf.

Heading down a new road.
All photographs by mwah.

If you were to take yourself out of the now, giving yourself some perspective, what would you say to yourself? Think of it as a letter from the future.

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