August 6, 2012

A Weekend Like Newlyweds.

As you all know, Andrew and I celebrated our 8th anniversary this past weekend. Andrew had plans for Meredith to spend the night at a friend's house (Thank you so much, Mrs. Bernie Camper!!!) all weekend so we could relive our newlywed days. I must admit it was weird having a quiet household and I truly missed Mer the first night she was gone. She always cuddles on the couch with us before bedtime...but not this time. So Friday night left only Andrew and myself on the couch after Andrew arrived late from work with a beautiful pink display of flowers in hand and a card in tow. My man sure does work hard for his company.
Saturday we woke up early, worked out, helped set up a TV wall mount for a friend, then lazed around the house for lunch. Later we prettied up and headed out for a night on the town. We saw a movie (The Watch...a terrible movie...we were so disappointed and almost left early), ate at California Pizza Kitchen (so much for the diet), and Andrew gave me a little something as an anniversary gift.

We had a great weekend and are so grateful to have friends here who'll watch our sweet girl.
We got updates everyday about Mer's activities. I believe she probably had more fun that us. She saw Ice Age 4, had a tea party, and painted up a storm.

She even wore a tea party hat!!! So stinkin cute!! I love it.
My baby sure is adorable.

Have a beautiful Monday, lovelies!

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