August 1, 2012

An Open Window.

Last week marked another great tooth loss moment for Meredith. This tooth ranks 3rd and right next to the bottom 2 big girl teeth. It happened exactly the same as the last two...falling out while eating, because my child is not cool with pain. Let's just say you'd never catch her pulling on a loose tooth in hopes the tooth fairy will come sooner. In this aspect she is one patient child.

Now she spits and whistles through that open space. It's actually quite funny. We say "Open window" because you can hear the air whistling in and out. Hehe. I can't wait until those two front teeth come out! Eeeeek!
The first night it fell out we totally forgot to put the tooth under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy to take (parents are forgetful!). The second night Andrew and I were totally unprepared for anything monetary. So I got a little creative...and because she has outgrown her old bike and now needs a new one, we decided to let that be the gift. Can a bike fit under a pillow??
So here's what I did: A gift certificate.

Now Mer keeps asking when we are going to get the bike. Hmmmm...
Tooth fairy sure is a great gift giver. Pat on the back mom and dad.

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