August 22, 2012

Bleaching and Dyeing Jeans. A Not So Wordless Wednesday.

I looooved this project! I have about two pairs of jeans in my packed drawer of pants that I actually wear. One of those pairs was beginning to get old and faded looking. So I decided to do this fun dye project. I bleached out my pants, which I did three or four times and it still didn't turn out white white like I was hoping (top left tshirt with jeans), but I decided to go ahead and dye them anyway. The RIT pack I used was a royal blue color, but looks like I bleached out my jeans so much that it didn't soak up enough dye to turn dark blue. When you bleach your jeans, be sure to only bleach about two times. Some jeans, especially thinner material, will bleach out better than thicker darker jeans (think stretchy skinny jeans).
There are multiple ways to bleach out jeans. The two that I used were:

  1. Washing machine: add two to three cups bleach, throw jeans in, then fill with hot water until pants are covered. Allow to sit and stir occasionally for about 15 minutes, then allow the washing cycle to finish through.
  2. Sink: add two to three cups bleach, add hot water until sink is filled 3/4 full, allow mixture to sit for a few minutes, then add jeans. Allow to soak for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Drain, then rinse in water so jeans do not continue to bleach.  Transfer to washing machine, and wash. 
Helpful hints:
  • Always wear gloves!!!
  • Be aware of the smell and wear a mask or even better, use the washing machine. 
  • Be sure to wash bleach out before dyeing.
To dye your bleached jeans, follow the directions on the dye packet of your choice (this part is the easiest!).
Ok, awesome people!! Get to dyeing and have a beautiful Wednesday!

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