August 15, 2012

Do Children REALLY Know Their Parents? A Homemade Video.'s Wednesday, aka Hump Day. Poster to celebrate.
Yesterday there was a video made. A homemade video. A video with three youngsters, who said they know their parents...but do they really?? Hehehe. This was something spur of the moment with two of Meredith's friends. They really enjoyed seeing themselves on the big screen, therefore funny awkward faces throughout was inevitable and will produce laughter and slight giggling at the goofy nature of it all.


My favorite part: "Does your mom work hard?"... "NO!" BAHAHAHA! That said from a child who is home schooled and whose mom is an amazing cook taking care of three children and a husband. Too funny...children's perception of work.

Hope you enjoy your day, lovelies!

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