August 30, 2012

Life Without Training Wheels. It Can Be Devastating. Mmmhmm.

Yesterday was a great day. Mer and I went to the movies...sat in ten minutes of "Paranorman" before I decided it wasn't appropriate for any child 12 and under (there were references to sex and violence, and saggy tits within the first few minutes), then we headed to the playground for some awesome bike riding time. It didn't go well. The bike riding lasted less time than what we spent watching Paranorman. A little fact about Meredith: she is very cautious. She carefully examines everything before doing. This is something she's done since toddler age.
Therefore, when we had her new bike fixed (a bike ordered online from Toys R Us that had a bent rim when it arrived), they adjusted to training wheels to not touch the ground, but to merely help when she feels like she's falling. The Toys R Us employee said, "Otherwise, it'd be a tricycle." I kept thinking You don't know my daughter. She'd probably prefer to never learn to ride the bike without the extra security of training wheels. In hopes she'd just take it in stride and try to ride with lifted training wheels, we went to the park to play. You could probably guess how it ended, but I'll show you anyway.

Take 1: Not too thrilled with lifted training wheels.

Take 2: I'll try it one more time.

Take 3: That's it! I'm not doing this.

Take 4: Greener Pastures.

I'm guessing one day she'll learn to ride a bike without the training wheels. But that day was not yesterday.
Happy Thursday to all!!

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