August 18, 2012

Super Awesome Saturday and Photo Challenge.

I'm writing the title of this post prematurely, so if tomorrow or Monday I come back and tell you all awesome ladies (I don't believe there are any men out there) that my super awesome Saturday turned out to be a fraud...well, we will see. Here's to believing the day is going to be GREAT, for you and for me!
Anyway, today I'm hoping to get some shopping done. The sad thing is that in my very large drawer full of pants, there are only two pairs I actually wear. I'm trying to convince my husband that his jobless, or I should say looking-for-a-job wife needs jean pants! My one pair of skinny jeans turned out a weird yellow-tannish color when I tried to bleach them for a DIY dye job. I'm still gonna dye them, but you never can tell how these DIY projects are going to turn out. Surely, I will still post them. Here's how they look right now:

Not so great, right? Again....we will see (seems to be my line today).

Now I turn to the Paper Mama's Photo Challenge. The challenge today is "Eyes."
Here's an older picture I found of my baby's hazel eyes.

Have a beautiful day, lovely ladies (and maybe gentlmen?).

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