August 23, 2012

The Difference Between a Man and a Woman.

There are significant reasons why men and women are different. You could consider a man's strength compared to a woman's, or maybe even a woman's ability to carry a child while a man cannot. While both these reasons are the typical of gender stereotypes, I'm here to confirm yet another, at least in my case. Maybe there are other women out there who can testify to this truth.
If you are a housewife, you are expected to cook, clean, do laundry, run errands, take demands, get the groceries, make family albums, make sure the children's clothes fit, stay in shape, organize the house, chauffeur, instill values, teach, discipline, etc etc. Oh, did I forget to mention, take care of the little messes that build up throughout the day? This is the biggest difference I can see today between a man and a woman: women are tidy. We like our things to be a certain way and we're willing to take the time and effort to make sure things get put back in place the right way. I take great pride in my willingness to do things the right way instead of know what I mean. Just to show you exactly what I mean:

I wish I could show you just how frustrating it is to have to fix our kitchen hand towel every day, sometimes more than once. Andrew prefers to ball it up like some weird table decoration (which takes all of 1 second), while I put it back symmetrically, the way it should be!
The same goes for shoes. The shoe box could be directly in front of a man's (or child's!!) face, but somehow their shoes magically end up on the floor, where my feet inadvertently collide with said shoes in a non-serendipitous way, causing a tumultuous uproar of sorts. Let's just say it never ends well for me.
Now, I understand that as a housewife it remains my job to clean the house and do all the afore mentioned duties, but I also know that if the tables were turned, men would want the same respect. I do not go into my husband's place of business and make a mess where I please, expecting him to clean up. I would never do that because it's just rude and I respect his hard work! My husband works very hard every day, which I'm so thankful for. Therefore, does the home not count in the work-respect area?
Today is just one of those days...reflecting on being a housewife (while trying to find a teaching position) and the craziness it can bring. This is not a hit on men, but a wake-up call to the hard working efforts of a stay at home wife/mom.

What do you think?

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