September 18, 2012

Fear | Awake my soul

My soul needs to awaken. I feel as if I am alive and walking, but still asleep. Job hunting is dampening the mood, adding fuel to the fire which I'm so wanting to get out of. It is so sad that it's hard to find a job in something you're passionate about. But I must persevere, right? I have to continue searching for that thing which God has called me to do. I know my passions. I know my talents, for the most part I think. The hard part is where to begin. Obviously I'd have to settle for something low paying in order to build my way up, and also help make a living for my family. I mean...bills must be paid. Not to mention my husband's teeth are literally falling apart. The dentist told him they look great on the outside, but are falling apart from the inside out. What can I say...he was not blessed with good teeth. Maybe he has some British in him. That's a good guess. Blame it on the Brits. But even so...he will need four root canals by the end of the year. It's unfortunate his insurance has run out (why is there a cap on insurance!!??) and dentists charge an arm and a leg for something you cannot possibly prevent. "Hi Mr. Dentist, of course I want to pay you $4000 to get my teeth fixed. Oh...what was that you're a rip-off...why, yes you are!"
Let's just say I have a love-hate relationship with dentists.
Let's just say I'm frustrated.
And I need a job.
But I want to do something I'm passionate about.
I want to contribute my talents rather than suppress them.
This is the American plight.
Awake, my soul.

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Christina Mojica said...

ughh i hate dental bills! All my siblings and myself had to get braces and they never gave us a break! Everything was so damn expensive :( Very unfortunate.

Hope you have a better day, today! Congrats again on the award. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask me :) Looking forward to reading your post!