September 10, 2012


One thing I never do is preach. I like to speak my peace, but preach I do not.
Today, on the other hand, I have decided to....mmmm....reflect on my pastor's Sunday sermon.
It was so good and it's actually really simply.
We are a people who put more weight on magazines, horoscopes, fortune cookies, etc, than the actual Bible.

It really made me think.
How many times have you taken a fortune cookie, which is so generic in message, and thought this was for me!  
How many times have you read a horoscope and said, that so fits my life right now!
I admit it...I've done it. And I was so wrong.
All those times I put so much weight in something so passing, when all the while my Bible was right there waiting for me, chock full of knowledge and wisdom to supply me with.
I definitely need to get into the word more.
Here's something I believe I will challenge myself to do and for you wonderful, lovely people to do: 
Read 5 Psalms + 1 Proverb per day and you'll finish the entire book of Psalms and Proverbs in one month. 
That sounds reasonable, right?!! 

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