September 8, 2012

The Things I Look For When Joining Blogger Sites.

We all know that it's important to love what you're reading, otherwise why would you read it? The same goes for all other things. We take pictures because we love taking pictures. Or we write because we love it. You get the idea...
Now, when I write on my blog I want people to join because they can see the enthusiasm I hold so dear to my heart for photography, writing, design, and all other musings I put on display. I want people to join because there's a place here for them emanating warmth and friendliness. I do not blog simply to blog, but I view it as a creative outlet to share with others. I like to believe other bloggers feel the same. When I find another blogger who is creative and their work practically jumps off the page...I hardly blink an eye before I join through GFC. I want to receive updates and look forward to partaking in their daily ventures.
Think of your blog in this way: it's a piece of you. When people join your blog, they're looking to connect with you in some way, whether through life circumstances, DIY projects, triumph or tragedy, beauty secrets, graphic design freebies, or whatever it is you began your blog for. People want YOU. Yes, your giveaways are great, but it's not what YOU are about...right? You want people to join your blog for you and not only what great offer is on the table. You are not a trade-off and neither is your blog. Don't get me wrong. I love a great giveaway here and there, so long as it relates to the type of blog you have. And who doesn't wish to pamper their awesome lady readers now and again??!
So when I look to join another blogger's blog, I do it because I feel connected in some way to what they're saying, doing, or feeling...not just to say I joined.

Have a beautiful Saturday lovely ladies!!

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