October 3, 2012

A Cotton Mill.

A few months ago I visited family in Georgia. If you don't remember, I captured these moments of my daughter and mom-in-law planking, the final removal of my braces (woo hooooo!!!), taking this road trip to Saint George Island (apparently Casey Anthony lives there), and this very awesome look back on my beach vacation and missing my hubs because he stayed in VA while I went on vacation with his family.
But what I didn't show you, and couldn't show you because that was around the time my handy dandy camera poopered out, was my trip to the Monroe Cotton Mill. This is an antique store, snugly located in the heart of downtown Monroe, where huge trees provide relief from the sun to multiple historic buildings. There were so many things to look at inside this old cotton mill! So many things I could've swooped up and decorated my home with.

I did not purchase this adorbs little boy at the mill. He is my nephew. Cutey Patooty!

Have a beautiful day, lovely people!!

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