October 6, 2012

Awesomeness. An Early Weekend Review.

In the early Friday hours, after Meredith had been dropped off at school, and Andrew was off, I headed out for some much needed ladies time. My pastor and a friend introduced me to an awesome park in Smithfield near Smithfield Station. The trail we walked was surrounded by tree lined paths, boardwalks, cotton fields, and cool forest air. Oh yes...there were tons of squirrels as well. Meredith would have LOVED it! I have vowed to take her back, as well as some other lady friends. After our walk, we headed to downtown Smithfield, where streets and sidewalks were paved with bricks, and colonial homes which once housed families, now house antiques and awesomely exquisite junk (no lie! see the picture of Laura and Lucy's above.).
I so enjoyed the time spent with those two amazingly inspiring ladies. The walk was much needed to get me out of the job hunt funk. I was able to regain some optimism in the world with that little piece of Heaven called Smithfield, VA.

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