October 16, 2012

Blinding Light.

I like Oprah. Oprah always has something inspiring to say. But when I found the quote above, there was no name associated with it. So I Googled it. And of course, the big O said it.
So far this week, I've had two interviews; one for a teacher's assistant position (which I'm overqualified for, but would love to continue growing and learning in this wonderful school) and the other a kindergarten position with a seemingly awesome principal and staff. Either way, I just want to work toward something. I want to work with children. I am ready to influence the lives of little ones and have them influence mine as well.
With that said, I thought the quote above befitting my situation or really any person in any situation. It's true..."When I look into the future, it's so bright it burns my eyes." There must be that belief in oneself enough to say that in whatever you do, wherever you are, your future is so stunningly bright that it hurts. You must have that confidence in your own bright future, otherwise there will be none.
Believe you are important in this life and continue to encourage yourself daily to be the best person you can be so when your future finally gets here...you are blinded by the light reflecting from it.

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