October 31, 2012

Halloween | Becoming a teacher

These are pictures from two years ago...
This year we will be celebrating at church with a Harvest Festival. But it is unfortunate that school doesn't do anything fun for this spirited day. I'm actually kinda bummed out! When I was a kid, there was much fun to be had at school on the day of Halloween. Children and teachers alike dressed in costume, nothing scary, but more whimsical and fun. We also had a Harvest Festival at school after school hours on the day of Halloween. It was so much fun!! Teachers decorated their rooms and candy and apple cider were served in the cafeteria. Sack races and such were performed on the large playground. Kids' laughter filled the air. Even my mom dressed up for this fun event. I remember she was Minnie Mouse one year and she scared a little boy. Hehehehehe!!!!! It's funny looking back on it now.

I do miss those days. It was pure innocent fun and provided fond memories of my elementary days.
Tonight I'm manning the photo booth at the Harvest Fest and I'm super excited about that!
I can't wait to see what crazy faces people make.

There'll even be a mystery pie eating contest. Believe me...you do not want to know what's a mystery in that pie. Luckily there's a prize for the winner.

Although I'm bummed about not dressing up this year (hmmmm....I do have a pretty cool princess costume in my closet!).

I do have exciting news about my teaching position. I signed papers yesterday and I start tomorrow! I am overwhelmingly excited about this new stage of my life.

Have a great halloween and stay safe!!

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