October 24, 2012

Getting the Job | A look at my trials that lead to triumph

Those of you who recently became a friend of my humble lil' blog might not know about my trials and tribulations with finishing my degree in Early Childhood Education and the craziness of finding a job. Guuuuurl, let me just tell you! It's not easy being a working wife, mom, and student, but I'm here to tell you that it can be done and you can keep your sanity (at times) too!
About two years ago my husband accepted a job in Virginia (we were living in Georgia). I thought it would be easy peasy to switch universities, but it turned out switching universities out of state would tack on another year in my goal to being a teacher. Therefore, Andrew moved to Virginia, while I stayed behind with Meredith (our wonderful daughter) in Georgia and we stayed with my mom-in-law. Now...a lotta people would be like HECK NAH!! when it comes to living with their in-laws, but I was all for it. Her husband had just accepted a job in Afghanistan, so it was a house full of girls and we were able to keep each other company and help out with the kids, while I finished my courses.
A year later Meredith and I finally made our way up to Virginia. I began my student teaching and then graduated in May of this year. So graduating was hard enough, but then finding the job was hard, if not more difficult than the actual schooling part. I felt extremely insecure when the school year started and I had yet to get an interview. I had applied for a handful of positions, called schools, dropped my resume at said applied schools, all to no avail! Fortunately for me, the teacher with whom I worked during my student teaching rallied for me. She sent emails telling people how great I was and how it would be in their best interest to have me as a teacher in the city. Her words of encouragement kept me going through the hard times. To her I give TONS OF THANKS!!!!!!!!!!
Soon after her sending that email, I had interview after interview. If anybody tells you it's not about who you know...they are lying. With that I had a handful of interviews and at every one people said "You interview so well!"....yet, I didn't get the job. I believe it's because they were scared to hire a first-year teacher when the school year had already started. So they played it safe and hired teachers who had experience. It's so wearing, taxing, frustrating, etc...dealing with rejection. You always think, What did I do wrong? What could I do better? and you never get feedback after these interviews. I went through a very down-in-the-dumps phase. It was difficult. I prayed and prayed and told God that I was done worrying and that I'd leave it in His hands.
But I have to say...Today is THE DAY. I got a call from HR asking if I'd accept the second grade position being offered. I was screaming in my head!!! I felt as if my head were going to explode with excitement. Of course I said yes with a smile in my heart, which could probably be heard through the phone, and next Tuesday I will sign paperwork making me the very proud teacher to a group of second graders.
There will be trials, smiles, and tears I'm sure...but I can't wait!

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