October 18, 2012

Celebrity Look-Alike.

Today I'm hosting at Sweet Pea Sylvie. What I love most about Sweet Pea Sylvie is her blog style and her Style Icon Series. With that said, let me introduce you to the style icon I am told I most resemble. Don't laugh...

You can hardly tell which is Elizabeth and which is me, right? I must be some direct descendant and my family doesn't know it yet. That was my best pouty face, yet I don't feel I accomplished the sexy pout, but more like an annoyed pout. Elizabeth Taylor did it best! She was definitely right about not being an ordinary housewife, and I can identify with her on that level as well. Although I am a teacher, I have yet to find a job, which leaves my title nowadays as Housewife. I make the meals, clean the house, and chauffeur my kiddo to school and soccer practice. I do all the things I should do as a housewife, except....when I wash and dry the laundry, it most definitely ends up unfolded on the kitchen table for days, the house is at its cleanest right before company comes over, and I avoid sweeping and dusting like the plague. I'd rather create a new blog design or hang out with my daughter and husband than do the dishes. Am I an ordinary housewife? I think not. Or maybe this is the new ordinary housewife. Either way, I am a housewife nonetheless.

Welcome to you wonderful ladies visiting from Sweet Pea Sylvie!!!

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