October 4, 2012

Presidents | Debate

I'm not trying to ruffle any feathers or sway anybody to believe in any particular politician, but Romney killed it last night! I've heard people say he was well rehearsed, so he spat out the words he'd already prepared to say. I disagree. I think he said the words he knew and believed. I believed him, either way. I felt as if Obama (whom I actually like, because he is a very likable man) didn't pull through the way I thought he would, and I wish he had more ooomph toward the end of the debate.
This is what I liked more than anything (and I admit I got to watching the debate a little late because of Bible study and putting the tired child to bed afterwards), was when Romney said this:

"I don't have any plan to cut education funding. But I do agree with you that where you put your money says something about your priorities."
"You put $90 billion into green energy. I'm all for green energy but you could have hired two million teachers with that money."

Romney also went on to state that about 50% of those companies receiving funding for green energy have already went under. That means a complete waste of nearly half that $90 billion dollars and those people whom Obama tried to create jobs for lost their jobs!  As a teacher looking for a job right now, that's very frustrating to know that money could've went back into creating jobs for me and other teachers who can't find a job right now. Education seriously needs some kind of reform. Which candidate is going to offer it?? Romney also stated that the other half Obama funded in green energy are major contributors to the Obama campaign. Special interests??

Just sayin...Romney did very well last night and for the first time...I believed him.

What do you think?
I can't wait to see the Ryan/Biden debate.

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