October 1, 2012

Lost Photos of Summer.

Since my camera returned to life, I've been looking through photos of times almost forgotten. I literally jumped for joy, not even bothering to contain my girlish giggles over the power cord arriving in our little mailbox. Andrew looked at me with some awkward expression over my sudden jubilant nature. Who knew all it took was a power cord to make me this excited? I admit it's the simple things which delight my heart. 
The lost photos I'm sharing today are the ones of my once anticipated journey to the Chesapeake Arboretum. If you didn't know, an arboretum is a botanical garden devoted to trees (what could be better!!). The day Meredith and I decided to go walk through the trees was a smoldering hot one. We left home in the early morning hours, bound for great outdoor adventures, but the sauna-like weather thwarted every intention of exploratory joy. 
Winged bugs buzzed within grasp, flying all around us, and I could foresee the problems Meredith would have with this trip. An adventure turned nightmare for my little city girl. For our thirty minute trip to the arboretum, we literally only stayed about 20 minutes. Meredith could not and would not stand by and watch happily as bugs so shamelessly showed off. We didn't even make it down the forest trail. 
Let me tell you, I was so angry, ticked-off, frustrated that we could not explore on account of the scary bugs.
I made a pact with myself to return, daughterless, next time. That's right...city girl will stay indoors with friends, playing Barbie while Mommy takes a stroll through the botanical garden devoted to trees. =P
I bet the arboretum is better in Fall anyway. 

Those beautiful benches with the greenery draped so delicately over it...I begged Meredith to let me get a shot of her sitting peacefully on them. Did that happen? Well, that's why the pictures are only of the bench. I've gotta laugh at it now. My baby is terrified of bugs. There's no way around it. She prefers to admire from a distance. Hehehe.

Happy Monday, beautiful ladies!!

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