October 29, 2012

Lots of Rain: The East Coast Isn't Loving Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy....needs...to...go...away....
We are LOVING not having school and staying at home (this could drastically change in a few hours!)
For those of you who are not on the East Coast or are not being affected by this weather, good for you.
If this rain and flooding weren't so bad, then I'd be making my way to Atlanta right now to visit my new 7 lb. 4 oz niece, who was born yesterday at 1:04 p.m..
Congrats to my beautiful sister who welcomed her new baby Kiera Ann into the world!!!!! It fills my heart with so much joy that she and her husband have grown their family by 1, making them 3. My only regret is that I cannot be there to experience that with her. That is why I'm not loving this so called Sandy. With Sandy here, I cannot cross this bridge.

But...the worst will be over by Wednesday...so we will wait it out.
It can't be worse than last year's hurricane that showed it's face the very first week Meredith and I moved up here to VA (let's not talk about the earthquake too!).

I hope all of you located more north are preparing for the storm headed your way.
Prayers are with you!
For those of you who are not affected by this crazy storm...have a beautiful day!!

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