October 30, 2012

So Much Hate.

I am sick and tired of all the hate commenters are writing on news sites! The ridiculous strides people are taking to turn this storm and the damage it's caused into political debate...I cannot believe.
On the Yahoo! article, Sandy Leaves Death, Damp and Darkness in Wake you'll see opinions such as this:

ChicagoBob123: this sure slows down the talk about Libya and Obama.

You Me: Is Obozo asleep ?? He should come out and say something to the people in the storm are , I don't think he cares !!!

William: God's way of flushing the toilet known as New York City.

Mark: Why didn't Obama stop the storm?

Cathy: Reports are in that the Romneys Prancing Horse had a very restless night due to the storm. The Romneys while rushing back to the estate went to the wrong one!

Lynn: Y'all better thank god it wasn't a Katrina, their would have been hundreds of thousands killed and trillions in damage. New York city would have been shut down for years.

And then...people had the guts to compare it to Hurricane Katrina!! Why are we comparing!!?? People were saying how NYC should suck it up and deal with it because there were probably no New Yorkers that came to help when Katrina hit in the south. I just can't believe the hate!
Step up people and send your thoughts and prayers for the people affected in this storm. Given, it's not anywhere near the capacity of Hurricane Katrina, but it's still a force of nature causing death and destruction. People...wake up!! Around 16 or 17 people have lost their lives, and loved ones are grieving. Many more are without power and/or food.
Stop politicizing and desensitizing the situation at hand...this storm that's affected many!

I'm so over this political crap.
I can't wait for November 6th and the few weeks afterward to be long gone.

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