October 25, 2012


So yesterday when my hubs came home...and after the big news of landing the second grade position I interviewed for was out, he surprised me with a great big beautiful bouquet of multicolored roses. My face lit up as soon as I saw my handsome man holding those sweet flowers in his hand.
Meredith was in awe as well at the beauty of the flowers. Once I began cutting the stems she looked on, eagerly awaiting her first chance to stick her snout in the bouquet and smell the aroma.
Then she said a line that I smiled so greatly from hearing.
"Oh, I can't wait to have a husband so he can bring me flowers!"
My sweet princess...she is such a girl with wonderful romantic dreams.
I'm sure her daddy will bring her flowers very soon...

It is my belief that daddy's should be their daughter's hero/prince charming until they get married themselves.
Ahhh....my baby is growing up.
And my hubs is wonderful.
What more could a girl ask for?

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