November 4, 2012

Water Camera Fun.

During the last days our YMCA pool was open, Meredith and I decided it was time to purchase one of those water cameras from WalMart. I haven't used one of those disposable cameras since my childhood days and felt it necessary to share the same experience with my child. We had so much fun with it and I wish there was a way to take my camera underwater for some more fun. My little summer fish enjoyed our beloved time together underwater with the camera. It turns out though, that because I cannot easily plug a disposable camera into my computer, it took a good few months to get the photos from Walgreens (WalMart said they no longer do in store processing of disposable cameras. They ship them off and it takes up to ten days to get the photos back!! Say what! Hasn't anybody told them the generation of impatience is here??).
I love my little munchkin.

This is how most the pictures Meredith took of me ended up looking like:

She said "It doesn't look like you because you were moving while I was trying to take the picture," in her matter-of-fact voice. Little miss know-it-all.


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