November 4, 2012

What Home Design Personality Are You?

I found this cool little link from Me, Myself, & I, called Stylescope. This Stylescope is a quiz about what makes you happy, then turns it into what home design works best for you, coupled with the type of blog that represents this style. I thought it actually was pretty cool.

This is what style I turned out to be...

This is what you start out with...and you have to pick 5 items you like the most. 

This was difficult for me because there were more than five items I most liked. So I actually played twice and my results basically stayed the same. The first time it was Urban Funk with a Classic Twist. The second time I was Classic with an Urban Funk twist. Either way I'm classic with urban funk.
Of course I chose the pink flower, the wood pile, dessert, coffee, and a polaroid camera.

The blog they say represents my style....

This was pretty fun! I enjoyed the quiz and thought the results fairly accurate. Although I do love Making it Lovely blog, I don't think it's style is representative of Urban Funk. I tell me.
My apartment, on the other hand, is very industrial meets comfort.

Go take the test for yourself here!!
Also...I have to admit that my blog style is a huge difference from my home style. I typically go very soft for my blog design, like the light browns and pinks you see now. Maybe I should think about doing a blog design makeover to coincide with my home style. What do you think?? Would you like to see an Urban Funk blog design?

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