November 18, 2012

Borrowing A Friend's Camera...Not Wanting to Give It Back.

A friend of mine is selling her Canon EOS Rebel XS. As I've wanted a better camera for a while, and found myself desperately seeking the opportunity to take the Canon on a test run, I asked this generous lady if I could borrow it for the year day in hopes of greener pastures. Turns out....I was right...and I fell in love with this camera. I called another friend of mine and told her, "Let's take your family pictures today!"
So we drove out to the country and I took some family pictures of the MacMillans. They turned out sooooo beautifully!! I'm telling you, my goal is to get this camera or maybe even a better one! Oh, Christmas is around the corner, dear Hubs!

I hope all your remaining weekend hours are sweet and spent with the ones you love.
This coming week will be my third week of teaching and so far it has been smooth sailing...except those few waves that come washing aboard every so often.
Be blessed.

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