November 3, 2012

Preparing | My first day of teaching

After a long and exhausting Thursday and Friday of putting my new second grade room together...and by exhausting i do mean feet aching, back breaking, gimme some water because I've been working so hard kind of long days, I decided to take a mental break and hang with some friends at a backyard bonfire. It was just what I needed to relax and just chill.
This week has been rough, but I've had so much love and support from ladies at school, many which helped get my room in order and some who donated items I can't afford just yet or who offered words of welcome. The generosity experienced through this trying time has surpassed all of my expectations. I tell lives in this school. Not everything I could wish to get finished has been accomplished, but I have most the things needed to complete the days ahead, aside from adequate supplies for my students.
I introduced myself to the students and gave a motivational speech which they were very receptive of. They are great...I can tell. But the list of things to do continues to pile up in my head. These are the first of many restless nights. I come! After two days of setting up my classroom and moving things over and filling my head with students' test scores, I am as ready as I can be to have students in my class and learning on Monday.
As for tonight, I took comfort by the fire with friends and my two loves by my side. And I thank the Lord that He has provided for my family.

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