November 4, 2012

Seriously Ticked At Google Right Now and Probably For the Next Few Months.

Serious problem with my blog....can you tell!!?? I have these black boxes all over my blog where my photos used to be.
This all started yesterday when I got a new phone. The Galaxy S2. I love the phone! It's awesome and a serious upgrade from the first Galaxy. BUT...all these pictures from my blogger account showed up on my phone...some 700 photos taking up space. So I did what most people would do...I deleted them from my phone. Little did I know that deleting them from my phone would permanently delete them from my blogger account as well. A year worth of downloading pictures that are everything to my blog are now gone from my blog posts. I'm so pissed at Google right now for this problem. Apparently many people have had this problem. There's no way to fix it, other than to upload from my computer again. I have to upload hundreds of photos again, which could take months to do. All my hard work....UUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why does my phone pictures folder even have that power to delete photos permanently from my blogger account!!!!!!!!!???????? This is a HUGE STUPID mistake from Google!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If I upload any picture into my blog post from my computer, then nothing should be able to delete that picture from a blog post unless I manually go in and delete it myself in that said blog post. I never received any "Are you sure you want to permanently delete this picture from all your Google accounts?" notice or anything. How can Google get away with this!!??
I'm sooooo ticked.
I feel helpless in this situation and ultimately gipped.
I feel screwed on a years worth of hard work on this blog.

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