November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Review...Preparing for Christmas Already!

Thankful for:
My awesome husband, who doesn't get enough credit from me.
Sweet Meredith, my one and only child.
Mommy, who always has a kind word for me...and whom I do not give enough attention.
Siblings...need I say more.
In-laws...blessed with them.
Friends near and far.
God's love, grace, and mercy.
Especially thankful this year for a job, all the hours I count with my husband, and friends who graciously invited us to have Thanksgiving dinner with them when we had nowhere else to go.

Now...Thanksgiving in pictures.

"Mom, I'm not going to sleep...I'm just closing my eyes for a minute."

The Day After Thanksgiving: Preparing for Christmas!

Christmas tree brownies. Woot Woot!

These were such fun crafts and simple for these little ones to do, not to mention very festive. I LOVE Christmas crafts. It makes my heart smile. We used paint samples from Lowe's to make the Christmas trees, and the wreaths are made from craft paper, folded hotdog style with cuts through them.

Love to all...

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