December 19, 2012

Dare I Say Cute Sweater Contest Winner!!

As this is my first year with a real job (meaning I'm working in the field of my degree and more than 40 hours a week outside the home), with it comes many firsts. Today will be my first Christmas party at the school where teachers dress up in the ugliest Christmas sweater they can find and bring food and table decorations per grade level. I have a feeling things are going to get interesting.
This is my ugly sweater, or more like awesomely fabulous ugly sweater, complete with real ornaments.

Here is how it is done: Use any bow you wish (mine came from the Christmas section at Wal-Mart and I cut the long ribbons to later make into elbow patches) and hot glue it to the top/front of your shirt. To prevent glueing the front and back of your shirt together, use wax paper on the inside of your shirt, separating the front and back. Next, take garland and cut it to make varying lengths. Arrange on the front of your sweater/shirt in the shape of a Christmas tree. Hot glue these down. Then, cut any extra pieces of ribbon into shapes of trees for your elbow patches and hot glue them down. Finally, use tree ornaments and poke them through the shirt (I recommend doing this after your shirt is on to show off). You have officially created your very cute/gaudy Christmas sweater to be admired, and of course, coveted by everybody in sight.

I've spent some time making refrigerator magnets with ornaments leftover from our Christmas tree. I must say they turned out to be quite a focal piece in our home.
Just grab a pack of magnets from WalMart, get your hot glue gun ready and glue some ornaments to the magnet. VOILA! You have your very own festive refrigerator!

May your day be merry and bright!!

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