December 13, 2012

NOT MIA. A Christmas Card.

Hello wonderful people.
I hardly even know what to say to explain my absence. Regrettably so, my new career in the teaching field fails to allow me to continue blogging on a normal basis. I used to be an avid blogger as a stay at home mom and wife. Now, it's simply not possible. As a first year teacher who took over a second grade class mid year, I have been stressed to tear enhanced nights. Even my weekends never fail to bring paper-grading and plan-making. I might leave school, but school never leaves me. It stays by my side and in the forefront of my mind always. When I hear people talk or see the slightest glimpse of a new craft pertaining to standards of learning my kids must know, I make a mental note to add it to the plans. Lightbulb moments are never-ending. Hey, I want to do my best and my mind is constantly in teacher mode. I know I will not fail at this. If anything my patience is tested and I've rung tried and far.
Besides teaching, my life has revolved around my husband and my daughter. The first few weeks I was overwhelmed with the amount of work left in my hands and my home reflected this truth. With staying at work from 7:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m., dishes piled up in the sink and surrounding areas, clothes found themselves in disarray across the furniture and floor, and my husband and daughter were about to find out exactly the claustrophobic mess my mind had become because of the disorganization at home and work. With the piles of dishes and clothes at home and the terribly horrific mess of disorganized papers left by the previous teacher at work, I finally broke down to Andrew and told him I couldn't do it all by myself. He would have to take on some responsibility at home. And since then, he has been a rock. We team up and knock out the house work in a few hours on the weekend. It's crazy how drastic life changes when both parents are working. I'm fortunate enough to have a husband who helps and a daughter who says, "Mommy, I'll clean the dishes for you. Just sit down and relax and I'll take care of it." My heart melted when Meredith cleaned the dishes for the first time. I love when her heart is so sincere and full of servitude.
I have been truly blessed this Christmas with a job and a family that loves the way they do.
I hope to be able to write a little more often than I have been recently. I truly miss writing.
I pray all of you feel the love and joy this Christmas that I do.
And in honor of Christmas, here is our Christmas card to you.

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