December 20, 2012

Random thought | Switching Careers

Just a little note here.
I thought about going to pastry school, but then turned the idea down on the only basis that after indulging in so much sweetness, I might not even want desserts anymore. That could be good or bad depending on how you look at it (i.e. no more sweets and baking equals better fitting jeans and that's good....or I could enjoy it all too much and things begin fitting a bit tighter equals not so good).
Maybe one day I'll entertain the thought a bit more than in my head and on this blog. Maybe one day I'll actually look into it.
As for now, I'll stick with teaching second graders.

I'm currently thinking of Christmas tree cakes and hot chocolate in the crock pot for my kids today. Also making snowflakes to send to Newtown, Conn.

I pray your day is filled with safe travels and love.

After going to a Christmas party last night with mouths so full of hate, women bashing other women like we're soulless creatures who do not feel the effects of words, I also ask that the words coming from your lips are filled with love instead of disdain. Let your words be light today.

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