January 21, 2013

DIY: Valentine's Day Wreath. LOVE.

Earlier this week I posted some Etsy items I recently became obsessed with, such as Valentine's Day wreaths. I was shocked there was even such a thing. Andrew and I celebrate Valentine's Day just for the fun of it, plus what parents don't need an excuse for a date night, but we never really go ALL-OUT for the day. Last year we had a very simple V-Day. He bought me roses, I made heart pancakes for him and Mer, and we cuddled on the couch.
This year I'm a little more excited about it. After all, I finally have a job and can stop using Andrew's money to buy his gifts.
So, Meredith and I took the liberty of taking a drive to Michael's craft store to pick up some supplies for a festive V-Day wreath.
We bought felt squares, a straw wreath, and burlap to wrap it with.
I was a little perturbed (awesome word, right?) because Michael's was out of stock of the wooden LOVE sign. A red sparkly LOVE sign would've made this very simple wreath extraordinary. I might just go back soon to grab one. If that happens, then you'll get an updated result. Either way, use your crafty brain to embellish a little if this design is too simple for you.

This wreath turned out super cute and Meredith really enjoyed making it with me. We had one heck of a time cutting out the felt pieces, but eventually we got the hang of it. Meredith even made one rose that I desperately wanted to use on the wreath, but she absolutely refused and said it was a gift to her dad and myself.

Have fun with it! Enjoy your Valentine's Day preparations!

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