January 12, 2013


This weekend I have the privilege of not working as hard as I normally do. Since October's end, Andrew and I have lived a life where finally both of us have real careers. If you live in a household where both parents work, then you know it's not all fun and games. Times are busy, people have things to do, and work is a constant reminder that adult life is all work and no play. When is there time to play? I feel terrible for my husband and child that I cannot give them my full attention at all times throughout the day. It was for so long that my time was spent catering to their needs, wants, and whims. Yes, I make a steady income, but does that really make life any better? It makes paying bills easier and little desires more accessible, but never in life has anybody said those desires made them timelessly happy. I was happy to serve my husband and child and take care of their needs, listening to their woes or humors of the day and that made me truly happy (disregard any post or comment I've ever made of being bored of housewifery...).
Either way, working outside of the home, or in it, I've compiled a list of things I want to accomplish this year. I didn't put "Workout more!" or "Lose 10 pounds!" because I could truly care less about those things. I didn't even put an "Eat healthier" resolution on there. There are better changes I'd rather make this year. New resolutions to seek out. A new year should bring new excitement, and the same ol' lose weight has found a boring place in my heart. There's simply no room for it.
To take it's place, a trip to NYC, Colorado, spending more valuable time with Meredith and Andrew, write more love letters, and TAKE A FAMILY PORTRAIT!!! Andrew hates pictures, but I will try to persuade him...somehow.

You are probably wondering how the beach quote fits in with this post...
I promise it wasn't just something random I thought to put in here.
My fellow second grade teachers and I gathered this past week in one room to complete plans for two weeks, therefore my weekend is literally that: mine.
As the weather continues to fluctuate in here, I thought it only best to visit the calming oceanside this Sunday after church, since it's going to be around 77 degrees. In WINTER!!! Absolutely insane weather, but a beach visit nonetheless will make for a great weekend finish.
I hope all are doing well in your neck of the woods.

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