January 18, 2013


The forecaster predicted it. People around town were talking about it. I assumed it would not happen, simply because in the southeast, where I live, it doesn't snow. Thinking back now, I realize that it was time for a good snowfall in Virginia. The last time we had a snow storm here was a couple years ago and it was beautiful. White snow blanketed the earth and covered tree branches across the southeast, stretching from Virginia all the way to Georgia. We reveled in the fun to be had with all that snow. Oh, the snow fights were adventurous and brought us back to the days of or youth. Falling didn't hurt as much when it was on that wintry Wonderland. We had fallen on a white cloud that crunched when squished and lay with our very own imprint, as if a crimson free crime had just taken place.
This time around, there was no threat of a blizzard or freezing ice, merely the small sign that winter had arrived, the warm weather head ceased, and snow finally greeted us...in the form of a few inches. School delayed for two hours time this morning, which left many teachers happy for a short work day, and many students disappointed that they had to show their faces at all.
Either way, I'm happy my husband woke our sleeping child up in the middle of the night to witness this small wonder which happens less than it should. I guess around these parts, snow continues to have that magical feeling, like Santa or the tooth fairy, and I'm glad it's something that, as an  adult, I can continue to marvel at.
Be blessed.

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