February 4, 2013

How You Know. Manicure Edition.

Today's message is quite simple. You need a manicure when your nail polish begins looking like a hot mess. That is exactly the reason why I don't paint my nails very often. I hate the process it takes to make nails look so pretty. You paint two costs, then a clear coat, then they have to dry for what feels like FOREVER. I find the process tortuous, but the result is always sublime. I once read an article that said men always love a woman's well-manicured hand on his chest. I don't think my husband really cares, but to those husbands or beau's that love nicely polished nails, it's not easy keeping nails up.
So...I know it's time for a manicure when my polish is peeling off from both ends of the nails. Yup, this is how you know. being a woman isn't easy...

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