March 25, 2013

Growing. Tis better to be an only child?

My baby is growing. Every time she walks through school, all the teachers comment on how long her legs are getting. I, of course, think this is insanely awesome considering my short mama self. Yup...I am short and I pray that she grows into the vertical height I never had. I am such a proud mama to my little munchkin. She is smart, beautiful, artistic, caring, and lovely.

Speaking of my lovely child...she is the only one Andrew and I have. We've talked about having more children more times than I can count, but the answer always tends to be the same: No. It's not just Andrew who finds the idea of having another child outside of our realm of reality. There are times when I can't imagine bringing a child into our lives, especially because we both have full-time careers outside the home. Who would love and take care of our little one when and if I went back to work? I know it sounds somewhat snobbish, but I wouldn't have another child unless I could stay at home the first few years. The infant/toddler years are truly so much fun. Then again, I guess a parent would do whatever it takes to support their child, even if that meant both parents working full time during the day. I just can't bring myself to do it! One of my desires is to be a stay-at-home mom with toddlers and babies roaming around the house. It'd basically be like my own little classroom, so my education degree wouldn't technically go to waste. *Wink, Wink* Maybe this idea would go over well with the hubs...YEAH...PROBABLY NOT.

On the other hand, there is this issue of Meredith growing up as an only child. I feel guilty more times than I wish to admit about my child being the one and only. I grew up with five other siblings, my twin sister and four brothers. The adventures we had together were full of excitement, imagination, and lots of fights to the death ("GIMME MY BARBIE BAAAAAAACK!!!   MOOOOOOM!!!!"). Either way, I wish Meredith had that endless banter between siblings that I remember with my childhood. There are times when she is playing at the park and I think...Man, it sure would be nice to have that brother or sister who always looks out for you no matter what. Or how great would it be to always have a playmate that isn't boring mom or dad. Meredith is getting older and sooner than later she will realize that mom and dad are super boring and she won't want to play with us. That's where siblings come in...except...we don't have another. I guess we'll just have to stay cool forever. That might be easy for myself...ha!

Anyway, the question of more children is always up in the air. We are so young anyway (27 and 31), so no permanent decision needs to be made now. Whatever happens....I hope it's the best for my wee little Irish/Italian family. I pray God's hand is over our lives, directing our paths in whatever we do.

What do you think? Are you an only child? Did you turn out fine?

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