April 14, 2013

Love | Bananas.

My heart is full.
Any woman whose love has taken flight for more than a few days time knows how full her heart will be upon his return.

Andrew had to go away on business three days last week, returning on Friday evening. I had missed him so dreadfully much, although the return to school from spring break kept me entirely too busy to dwell on the business of his leaving. Upon his arrival Friday night, I only wanted to be in his presence and soak up the joy that only having another adult in the house can bring. There were three items on the agenda: a sweet kiss on the lips to let him know I missed him greatly, resting my head on his chest to feel his arms over my shoulder, and spending quality cuddle time on the couch, listening (if listening means watching his lips move) to his stories of work-related issues in the beach area of the Outer Banks. My love had finally made it home. I had security knowing my family was together again under one roof.

Disclaimer: Don't get me wrong. This feeling is not always the case. But it is true when they (I'm guessing "they" were great philosophers of love) Distance makes the heart grow fonder. No, my life is not a storybook nor a fairytale. Just thought I'd add that bit.

After spending some quality time together throughout the weekend, I woke up refreshed and exuberant on this fine Sunday morn. Happy to have my love home, and with a horrifyingly large amount of brown polka-dotted bananas, I decided to make a favorite of Andrews.

Banana Bread. 

Click here for recipe.
Here's to doing something sweet for the love in your life. 

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