October 18, 2013

A good day to begin blogging again.

It's been quite a while since the last time I wrote on here. Maybe since the beginning of the summer actually. I was not feeling the whole blogging thing anymore. Why was I doing it? I couldn't quite figure that out. I had lost the excitement and joy that came with keeping up blog appearances. I didn't want to be tied down and committed to it either. I'm just gonna say it...sometimes bloggers can be as attention hungry as the next media-lovin person. We all want to be noticed, be in the spotlight for our creativity, unrealistically enhanced photos, Pinterest-inspired DIY projects, most-awesome-food, or whatever. But truth is...I'm back to writing because I'm ready to write again. I crave the fellowship and ideas this platform brings. I love the way women come together and share ideas and opinions all in the form of a blog. So here I am. And here you are, reading this.

There could've been no other perfect day for me to take the time and reinvent this space. I feel like the word of my life right now is TRANSITION. I'll explain. Almost half a month ago, this little family moved into a bigger space overlooking a beautiful golf course (this must've been Andrew's plan all along...to move right next to a golf course). More than a month and a half ago, I decided to go from teaching second graders to kindergarteners. I couldn't have been more excited about that transition. I felt like it was in the cards, God's plan, and all the stars aligned to present me with that opportunity to work in kindergarten. So right there, just within a month and a half, I moved classrooms within a weekend in order to begin teaching kindergarteners and moved houses with such tremendous help from friends, who are less like friends and more like family.

Then, it happened. The BIG moment of change was just on the horizon. I was told I'd have to move from my school to a different one that needed another kindergarten teacher.

There was nothing I could do. I felt helpless in the situation. I didn't want to go. I wanted to kick and scream and act like one of my kindergarteners who don't get their way. But I couldn't do that. I couldn't act like a train wreck to the school board and principal, so....

So I brought it to God.

And I threw a crying fit. I told Him I didn't want to go. That this might be His plan, but I didn't understand it and I wanted to fight the decision because it wasn't fair, and I was comfortable where I was, because I had built a family and friends at this school....because I didn't want to go. I was devastated.

And I asked God to change the situation or change my attitude about it. And that's exactly what He did.

Over the span of a few days, I grew relatively comfortable with the fact I'd be moving to a new school. Andrew encouraged me that this move could be so good. My spirit had been put at ease. I began to grow excited about the change. After all, I never knew what God had up His sleeve. What were his plans for this life or this move? That's what I'm still trying to figure out. For right now, I have to trust and take joy that God has it all figured out and I'm just there for the ride. 

So I've been at my new school for half a week. There's no classroom for me to move into yet, because there's no room. Another teacher will be moving into a mobile unit so I can take her room. As of right now, I'm co-teaching and getting to know the students in kindergarten. This downtime is a blessing, for sure. There have been days when I missed or even shed a tear over missing my students and faculty at the old school, but God has a plan for this life. God has a plan for me, Kristin O'Leary. This is my journey through God's grace, love, and mercy. TRANSITION can sometimes be more beneficial than staying in an area of comfort. As for the transition of this blog, the title has changed. It is more often than not that we have to come up with a title for our situation or a heading to describe our life. There is no better heading or title for your life than your name. After all, your story is exactly that...yours. So, I decided to call this blog exactly what it is...a story about my life and my perspective: Kristin O'Leary. This here blog is all about God's work through me and in me, and about those whom I love the most in my life: my family and friends.

So today is my day off. Today is a day of relaxation. I can literally show in a few snapshots what my day has been like. I contemplated doing something productive like shopping, taking a walk at the park, folding laundry (or washing laundry would've been better), cleaning the house....but naaaaaaaaaah.
Instead my day went like this.

Watching the sun rise from the sunroom....before little Meredith woke up.

Take Meredith to school. Tis so sweet.

Relaxed...put my feet up.

Ate some o' these, then felt guilty so...

I ate some o' these here greens.

Now there's no telling what the rest of the day holds. Picking up Meredith from fun days in second grade, then who knows what adventures we might run into. There might be pumpkins, there might be paint, but nothing is set in stone yet. Either way, it's going to be great.

And happy Friday to you.

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