October 19, 2013

What makes a home.

Andrew, Mer, and I have moved more times than I can remember. It's tough moving and getting comfortable in a new place at first. But the thing I find most joyful is our ability to make each place unique. This time our move has been more blessed than any other. We moved in one weekend with the gift of friends. I still get emotional thinking about the helping hands that could've spent their weekend doing much less strenuous things, but instead CHOSE to help our little family move.

We are among the group of people who never really keep household items that we do not use. Objects in our home rarely hold sentimental value. Well, except for a coffee mug my mom purchased for me. She has the same exact one. On days when I'm missing her, I can take that mug, fill it with coffee, then sip from that cup and feel as if she is a bit closer to my heart. And then there's our wedding pictures, family pictures, books, and Meredith's things. She believes in the value of all her things. I go to bed praying many nights over that she does not become a hoarder. The matter of cleaning out her toy box often times becomes a crying matter.

This time as Andrew and I embarked on yet another move, we found that we had accumulated a little more since the last move. And we found the gracious hands that helped pack our valuables away to be so loving, quick, and even more valuable than the things being moved. Those people mean more to me than any of the possessions being moved about. They are precious and invaluable, our closest and most cherished friends here in Virginia.

Now we are completely unpacked, and still on the road to making this space as unique as we are. But as we do so, there are some pieces that have become invaluable to me. These pieces are made by hand from people whom I love dearly. They will forever be pieces in our home. These are pieces that help make our home.



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