July 18, 2014


I always get excited when Meredith tries new foods. She has been such a picky eater in the past and there's usually nothing I can do about it, except to tell her that's what's for dinner. Then, of course, I feel like a bad parent for making my child eat something she nearly gags when she eats. Her reaction to food is NOT a testament to how good my cooking is. It literally means she'd rather be eating chicken nuggets soaked in ketchup. Anything lacking the chicken nugget exterior produces a gawkish face from her.

Recently I made the same gawkish face when a friend of mine openly tried to persuade me to come over for a bite to eat, which consisted of tomato pie. The persuasion was taking place via text message, but I'm pretty sure she understood what was going on on my end of the phone because the emoticon I used prompted a sure response of "No, it's really very good!" I knew I could trust her opinion since my husband and I nearly lick our fingers every time we eat at her house.

I visited with her based on the knowledge that I didn't have to finish what I didn't like, and I knew she wouldn't be offended. My full intentions were to at the very least try the tomato pie. After all, I do always tell Meredith that she isn't allowed to say she doesn't like something unless she tries it first.
I'm guessing from my approximate stares, squinty eyes, and unsure face, my friend knew I was skeptical but she reassured me it was great.

To my surprise, I loved it.
The only thing I did different was add shredded chicken on the bottom so the juice from the tomatoes will soak into something other than the pie crust.
You can find the recipe here.

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