July 23, 2014

DIY | Mason Jars | Flowers | Chalkboard

Here's how we did it. I say "we" because a friend of mine also made her own, and later Andrew came home to see we were in need of brute strength for the nails. He devoted his time to helping us arrange the steel clamps and screw them in place. Unfortunately for us, the nails were too long and went straight through the board and into the table. It's a good thing we had a black sharpie to fill the hole in our table. Just to be on the safe side, be sure when you buy your nails that the length is right under the depth of your board.

The first thing we did was paint the board with chalkboard paint. Your board could be old or new, wide, tall, or whatever length you choose. We waited a few hours for it to dry, then screwed in the clamps and tightened the jars into place.

After days of looking at this project against the wall, I decided to rough it up with a sanding pad to make it look worn and dated. Originally I was going to use it as an herb planter, then decided on flower vases. It turns out I don't have a green thumb, but then how could I when I forget to water the poor plants until they're already browning. I'm basically not a planter, but I love to watch things grow.

This project was easy and I am excited to have some fresh flowers on display. Andrew is not a huge fan of big bouquets in the middle of the table, so this gives us both what we want. Not to mention, these jars can literally hold anything. Switching out the flowers for pencils and crayons when the school year begins might be a great option as well. 

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