July 30, 2014

Moving | A reason

This is the state our house is in at the moment. Nearly everything that reminds me of this place being home is now packed away to be undisturbed for a few weeks. At first it didn't bother me to leave, but now everything seems so uncertain. Was it the right choice to leave this place we've called home for a year?

 Mornings are marvelous here. The sun greets me in the mornings, practically spilling into every window in the kitchen and sunroom. My heart is continuously overflowing with awe at the splendor I witness here.

Although we overlook a golf course, from this top floor we've spent many days watching the wonders outside this wall of windows. Favorite moments we've spent together, enjoying a winter filled with snowfall. Watching the snow drizzle and drape across the dormant lawns in our backyard was a sight only those from condos above could appreciate. As the snow blanketed the earth, we also covered ourselves with anything bringing warmth, never realizing all those memories would never be duplicated again. Never would we sit there in that warm place and watch the cold surround us. There would never be another winter at those glass windows. They are cherished memories now. Memories from this special place for one excellent year.

So many memories were made for our family in this place. Maybe this is why I find leaving it so bittersweet. It was merely a rental, but it was home because we made it to be.

I don't know why I'm more attached to this place over the others we've been in. But I am. Maybe because now Andrew and I are growing up. We are ready to settle instead of wandering. We are ready to root our being into one earth and watch the soil settle, sprout, and blossom into the likes we've not yet had the vision to create ourselves. We are ready for a permanent place to change with the backdrop of our life. I'm ready for a place to call forever, that will be home to some cold, but mostly warm memories. I do not want to make memories, but I want to build on memories.

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