September 14, 2014

24 Hours | Washington D.C.

I have been to D.C. once in my life and that was this past August. I fell in love with the atmosphere of the city. The streets were alive with energy, yet people and traffic seemed to move about quietly, as if chaos in the city was unheard of. I knew I was in the city by the brownstones and by the distance between the floor and ceiling of all the buildings, but the feeling was quite quaint. It seemed as if we were in a small town instead of a bustling city. In my mind I wrestle with two things about D.C.. One is that this city is really not as magical as it seemed and we merely visited at the right moment in time. And two, that it really is as wonderful as we experienced. I choose the latter.

From the moment we arrived there to the time we departed, we spent a total of 24 hours in D.C.
We traveled on foot the entire time, visiting the zoo, the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the Vietnam Memorial, the Washington Monument, and spent our afternoons in Georgetown visiting the small coffee shops, bakeries, and taking in the scenery. The people were friendly and I couldn't get over the cool breeze and pleasant weather that accompanied us throughout our time on the streets. We really couldn't have asked for a better 24 hour family vacation. 

Looking back at that wonderful time, I am mostly happy that Meredith can experience new places at such a young age. She is able to see so many things that I did not get the opportunity to see as a child. She is able to fall in love with places and keep those childhood memories with her parents in the picture. It is so important for for her to have those moments in time with us, to look back and say that we were with her. As her mom, I love seeing her experience new adventures. Her response to new things hasn't changed in her eight years of life. She still raises her brows, wide-eyed, and gasps in awe and wonder at the inexplicable and marvelous. She has done this all her life. As a parent, seeing your child do this never gets old. 

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