June 27, 2015

1|2 a year

Over half of 2015 is gone and I've seen so much happen in my life, mostly good times, but some bad.
Let's see if I can sum it up quickly.

1. I got a new 'do' and stopped letting my husband dye my hair. Although it saved us a lot of money, I really forgot how much I enjoy going to a professional and getting my hair colored and trimmed.

2. Andrew and I became the youth leaders at our church. We have a true heart for the young people of this world, and love to see how God is working in their lives.

3. It snowed. A LOT. School was cancelled for many days, as it always does in the south, because we are simply not capable of handling and preventing icy roads. I didn't mind it. Meredith didn't mind it. We traveled by foot to Starbuck's one day and played in the snow each day we could.

4. We grubbed on homemade cabbage rolls, a delicious comfort food on cold days.

 5. Meredith and I build our first ever snow man...errr, woman. Actually, I built most of it. Meredith chickened out in the cold and decided the warmth inside was better. Andrew missed out on all the fun because he did have to work, and I developed a mad respect for northern states where people make massive structures from snow. This snow woman was my height and took nearly 5 hours to build.

6. We found out Meredith was going to be a big sister. After nine years, she would finally have a sibling. We were all so excited after finding out. I could hardly keep the news in and told very select few before announcing it.

7. Our first trip to OBX. The water was still cold, but the beauty of it was perfect.

8. I found out at my first OBGYN appointment that the child I was carrying had stopped growing around 6.5 weeks. I was very emotional at this discovery. The first few days of finding out were painful. I wanted to cry and lament at God. I asked many questions and sought answers, but that didn't last long. I asked God to comfort me during that time. He did. I was calm in my spirit, but hated that I had already told everybody and would have to explain why I wasn't showing or growing like an expected pregnancy. Many friends and family were there for me during that time. People prayed for me, visited me, and my coworkers kept me afloat while I had surgery. The love and support that poured out on me during that time was most helpful. I found comfort in the most unexpected people and strengthened relationships through the tragedy. Andrew was my biggest supporter, making sure to hug on me extra tight through the hard days, and sending friends to the house on days he couldn't be there. He sought out friends and family to pray for me each day, and understood when I just needed to be silent. He brought me food each meal and cleaned up the house when I couldn't after the surgery. It's true that hard times in your marriage strengthen your relationship. This miscarriage strengthened ours more than I could have ever imagined. I love that man.

9. I really began pursuing photography. Read more about that here. I absolutely love capturing moments for people. It has turned into something more than I ever expected.

10. I turned 30, along with my twin sister. My students counted down the days until my birthday using the calendar we have in our classroom. The day of my birthday, they strolled in with little gifts and homemade cards that completely touched my heart in ways nothing else can. One student even counted out 30 marshmallows and brought them to me in a ziploc bag.

 11. Summer officially started. My child turned into a regular fish and stays in the pool every day the sun is shining. We just love being out for the summer.

Within half a year's time I have managed to go from pregnant to not pregnant, we've become youth leaders, summer finally arrived, and now we just chill poolside with great people. I always love the summer because I feel like there's actually time in the day to cook again. My family no longer has to eat out because mom hasn't had time to grocery shop and prepare meals. I love teaching kindergarten, but I also love just enjoying my family. So, a lot can happen in half a year. Some good and some bad, but mostly good. Even the bad can show good in it too if you really look at it.

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